Real Success #1

Finally playing with hardware bits instead of just software bits after so many years has been fun. But here is my first real success:

First Solder

First Solder
First Solder

After watching a few practice solders, my daughter decided it was time to do it herself. No problem – heat the wire, apply the solder to the wire, heat wrap, done. Nice work.

 Safety First

hot ouch ok
Hot Ouch OK

We actually started with safety. Especially if you have a limited-space environment like we do, you have to assume the kids will be nearby while relatively dangerous things are going on.

  1. Lay out all the things that kids will have even temporary access to.
  2. Have and/or help them classify each item with sounds, faces, etc. as “Ouch!” or “Hot!” or “OK”. Basically act out what could happen with each item. Although with kids anything can magically become dangerous, I think this covers most of the bases while remaining mildly entertaining.

    Safety Manual
  3. If they like to draw, have them make some Safety Materials.
  4. Pop quiz them over the next few days with the actual items.
  5. Do some limited solders, cuts, etc. with their help so they learn how to use everything safely and one at a time.
  6. Panic as 2 year old lifts the table from one table leg in the middle of soldering.

Second Solder

second solder
Second Solder – Adafruit Bi-Color 8×8 Matrix

Not exactly second, but her ambition increased a lot with the prospect of finishing this Halloween Spooky Eyes project with a pair of Adafruit Bi-Color 8×8 Matrix + Backpack combos. Nice work.

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